Family Reunion

In 1944

Trudy and Al Schmuecking bought the resort property.  The resort opened 1947 when Al finished the first cottage .  Trudy insisted on 'modern' housekeeping cottages.  Many area resorts had only outdoor toilets and shower buildings.  She was determined to give her guests a home away from home.

Northern WI resort

Trudy, Al & Lottie

emigrated from Germany during the German depression and arrived in this country in time for ours.  Al arrived first to find work and a home and Trudy and Lottie joined him later.
Northwoods cottage


was a master craftsman having apprenticed as a cabinet maker in Germany. He remodeled the one room shack which would be their home and began on the cottages soon after.  While Trudy ran the resort, Al worked remodeling other properties and acted as caretaker for seasonal residents over the winter.





Schmuecking's West View Resort History

  • Al created their home from the only existing structure on the property, a two room shack, and then built the resort.
  • The first cottage was built in 1947 and the last in 1953.
  • Trudy managed the resort while Al worked locally building and remodeling homes.
  • Al died in 1967 and Trudy in 2000 at the age of 92.
  • Daughter Lottie managed the resort until her daughter, Nancy, and partner Rick returned to the area in 2007. Lottie lived in the residence during the summers until 2014